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It was an honor to run for Alaska's (R) Candidate for Lt. Governor

It was an honor to run for Alaska's (R) Candidate for Lt. Governor

It was an honor to run for Alaska's (R) Candidate for Lt. GovernorIt was an honor to run for Alaska's (R) Candidate for Lt. GovernorIt was an honor to run for Alaska's (R) Candidate for Lt. Governor

More About Sharon Jackson


Later as a Constituent Liaison for Senator Dan Sullivan, she gained the experience of advocating on nbehalf for the people and communiicated with government agencies ti find solutions for real life problems.  Sharon Jackson is an agent for change and work faithfully and diligently for the people of Alaska.

 She has served as Vice President,  Midnight Sun Republican Women Club;  Assistant Secretary, Alaska Republican Party;  Bonus Vote, Officer for District 13/14, Eagle River;  Recently founded and serves as President, Republican Women of Anchorage, the largest and most diverse republican organizations in Alaska; Member of the National Federation of Republican Women's Club; In 2016 she was a Delegate for (now) President Donald Trump attending the Republican National Convention; served as a Commissioner for the Anchorage Public Safety Advisory Committee, appointed by Mayor Dan Sullivan.  Assistant Director- Opinion Leader Outreach- for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ Alaska Public Affairs Committee.



My Story


Why I Am Republican


Sharon’s personal story about why she became a Republican is inspiring. At age 20 Sharon found herself a young mother, newly divorced, and struggling to know what direction to turn for safety and security for herself and her young son. She received public assistance for a time and, wanting more independence for her small family, she made the decision to join the United States Army. She remembers the thrill of raising her hand and taking an oath to protect her country, knowing the cause she was committing to was a great one. 

Sharon was told that in order to attend basic training she would be required to give up legal custody of her son (in case anything happened to her). As a reservist, her unit was being called up to active duty and Sharon became increasingly concerned about having to give up legal custody of her young son. 

Expressing her concern to her boss she was asked “Sharon, are you Democrat or Republican?” Up to that point Sharon had never thought much about her party affiliation, she was 21 and politics was not discussed in her childhood home. She replied spontaneously “Republican!” She was asked to follow her boss into an office where he made a phone call to someone of great influence. When he got off the phone he simply stated “you can go back to work, you will not need to give up legal custody of your son, don’t worry any more”. Her heart was full of thanks and gratitude to those fellow Republicans who she knew would do anything for her. 

Sharon strongly hails the Republican Party as the party of freedom, independence, self-reliance, God, country, and family. As a Republican Sharon has always felt encouraged to do and become anything she sets her mind to. 

Sharon is running for Lieutenant Governor to be an example, to be the voice of the people, and most importantly to inspire and empower ALL Alaskans to become and achieve whatever they desire