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It was an honor to run for Alaska's (R) Candidate for Lt. Governor

It was an honor to run for Alaska's (R) Candidate for Lt. Governor

It was an honor to run for Alaska's (R) Candidate for Lt. GovernorIt was an honor to run for Alaska's (R) Candidate for Lt. GovernorIt was an honor to run for Alaska's (R) Candidate for Lt. Governor

About Candidate Lt. Governor Sharon Jackson

Energetic, forthcoming, and her Spirit of Determination, Sharon Jackson (R), is a proven conservative leader and trailblazer.  She has always had a heart for helping the people of her country and community.  She exercised this  by joining the  US  Army where she was relocated to Fort Richardson, AK in 1983.  Once her service was completed, she enrolled in Charter College, Anchorage AK, and graduated as a Certified Electronic Technician. Hired immediately, Sharon repaired office equipment to ensure businesses were able to meet critical deadlines for the next 13 years, this also included Fort Richardson and Elemendorf, Airforce Base as clients.  

Searching to serve  people in a higher capacity with more substance,  competing and chosen out of 35 applicants, Sharon Jackson was recruited by the National Federation of Independent Business, the State and Federal Small Business Lobby which was established in 1943, after WWll and the Great Depression.  The purpose of NFIB was to empower our Free Enterprise and grow small businesses in USA.

Seeing the need for more policy awareness and education on legislation affecting our community, Sharon accepted a position with the National Write your Congressman, the National Legislative Research Organization.  The mission of the NWYC, "To encourage responsible Americans to use their influence in government to preserve the freedoms set forth by our Founding Fathers".

With determination and her belief in "We the People", Sharon received National attention for the State of Alaska for being one of the most proactive people coming together quicker than any other state through membership growth.

Alaska's Bridge to a Brighter Future


The Issues



Fair elections are a cornerstone of our government.  

We need a more-affordable election process that is totally fair and honest. Major steps need to be taken to void duplicate entries and remove names of deceased residents and people who have moved out of state.  I pledge as your Lieutenant Governor we will have the best election process this state has ever seen.  Without the trust of the people in our elections, we fail as a government.


State Seal:

Protecting the State Seal is protecting the foundation of Alaska as a sovereign state.


Permanant Fund Defender:

I will fully support our next Republican Governor to reinstate our Permanent Fund Dividends. The last I heard, if you take something from someone without their permission, it is stealing. In my opinion, we should return the money -  yes, every dime  taken to its rightful owners.  I believe that, through a vote of the people, we can all decide the best steps to take with our Permanent Fund and how to proceed in a fiscally-responsible manner that protects our future. 




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