What our Candidate Lt. Governor Sharon Jackson Stands by...


My name is Sharon Jackson and I am running for Lt. Governor of Alaska.

In my opinion, one of the most important jobs in government is the vigilant supervision and implementation of our elections.  

Although the Lt. Governor has other statutory duties, supervising the Division of Elections and overseeing all elections is their primary responsibility. In addition to standing guard over the State Seal, I pledge my efforts to make sure all our elections are open and fair and will even try to bring cost savings to the process. 

Without the trust of the people in our elections, we fail as a government. Other than life, liberty and the right to property, the greatest gift and responsibility we have as citizens is participating in our election process. 

Although a lot of hard work has been done in the past to clean up our voter registration lists, there are still major steps that need to be taken to void duplicate entries and remove names of deceased residents and people who have moved out of State and I will focus on this. I will also focus on the proper training for all election employees before the next election. 

As your Lt. Governor, I pledge that we will have the cleanest, fairest and most open elections Alaska has ever had. 

To accomplish this, we have gathered a team of people with experience not only in our Alaskan elections, but elections in other states that faced challenges and corrected them. We will present an "action agenda" very soon so that the voters of Alaska know exactly what we are going to do, and most importantly, when.

I would very much appreciate your vote in the August Primary election. My contact information is included below – please feel free to contact me at any time regarding my candidacy, my stand on issues and my dedication to this campaign.  

The Issues



 We need a more-affordable election process that is totally fair and honest. Major steps need to be taken to void duplicate entries and remove names of deceased residents and people who have moved out of State. 


State Seal


 Standing guard over the Alaska State Seal. Our state seal represents the Spirit of Alaska’s people, our beautiful lands, our natural resources and the Principles of our state Constitution. 


Permanant Fund Defender

 I will fully support our next Governor to reinstate our Permanent Fund Dividends. The last I heard, if you take something from someone without their permission, it is stealing. In my opinion, we should return the money -  yes, every dime  taken. I believe that, through a vote of the people, we can all decide the best steps to take with our Permenant Fund and how to proceed in a fiscally-responsible manner that protects our future. 




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